About me

My name is Tomas Wolf. I live and work in Prague. I’m a passionate self-taught photographer; taking pictures makes me really happy! Precision, elegance, style, and creativity: that’s how I’d describe my work. I like to travel, discover new destinations, meet new people and tell their stories through the lens of my camera. In photography, I prefer natural light because I believe that shooting outside the studio - in a well selected exterior or interior - can enhance photos with a unique vibe.

The dearest feeling is to love and be loved. Stop the clock and capture your love, joy and happiness on photos with an unparalleled signature. I strive to picture the connection of your souls; it’s often just a tiny moment that would otherwise go unnoticed. A small moment, that exactly reveals who you are as a couple. I usually let things flow and observe you enjoying one another. If I do asky you to pose, there’s a good reason for it. People who I work with trust my guts when it comes to light, composition and detail. They know they’ll receive timeless memories of something they used to feel. 

I’m looking forward to work with you.