How many pictures will we get?

That depends on you; the package can range from 5-50.  I make careful and decent retouching during the postproduction process so that you look both perfect and natural.  You can receive them on a DVD, as a photobook or as a digital file. I don not supply unadjusted photos.

How long does the photo shoot take?

This depends on the overal concept. I would like you to forget about time and enjoy the moment; once we’re happy with the result, we can finish. An average session lasts about 1-3 hours. Professional make-up takes another hour.

Can I have make-up done by a professional?

I can only recommend that because the result is of much higher quality. The artist will take care of your skin, eyes,  hair and of a basic make-up for your partner, too. The price for professional make-up ranges between 1000-2000 CZK.

What should we wear?

Whatever you like and feel comfortable in. The pictures won’t be about your clothes. In case you have a special concept in mind we can discuss it and use the services of a professional stylist (starting from 1500 CZK).

How long will it take for us to get final photos?

After we finalize the selection together, I’ll take 7-10 days to edit the shots. If you wish so, I can send them over to you through a private online gallery.