What pictures can I order from you?

I’ve got two main customer groups.

The first are women and girls, who wish to have either magazine-like pictures or suggestive photos for their partners or themselves. They want to live a day of a model: being served by a team of stylists and make-up artist, enjoying a day that is all about them. Pictures from such a day will always remind you of how beautiful and special you are.  

The second group of customers are usually businessmen, who’d like to have an outstanding portrait for their professional presentation.

How many pictures will I get?

That depends on you. The most common package includes 5-12 photos in the highest print resolution. I make careful and decent retouching during the postproduction process so that you look both perfect and natural. You can select the best photos yourself or let me do the job. Please understand that I do not supply unretouched photos.

How long does a photoshoot take?

That depends on the number of shots and the overal expectation. It can range from one hour to a whole day. Good quality pictures require a relaxed setting and good mood so you needn’t worry about watching the clock. We’ll finis once we’re happy with the result.

Can you secure a make-up artist and stylist?

Of course I can. I have a network of beauty professionals. A make-up artist will make sure your skin, eyes and hair look great during the entire shoot. They are charging from 1000 CZK and more.

Are you not sure what to wear? Let’s get you a stylist. They will prepare several outfits including shoes and accessories based on your mutual agreement. The price for styling starts at 1500 CZK.   

Do you take pictures in a studio or outside?

I have my own studio in Prague, which is always at your disposal. However, I also really enjoy shooting in various outdoor and indoor locations in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic. My belief is that a well-selected spot can bring the pictures to another level.

How long does it take before I get the pictures?

Usually 7-10 days after the final selection. If circumstances allow so and you have an urgent deadline, I’m able to offer a next day delivery either on DVD or though a private download link.