Do you do wedding photos only in Prague?  

Not at all. I’m available for weddings all over Europe. 

How many pictures will we get and how are you going to hand them over to us?

The number of pictures depends on the duration and size of the event and on the number of guests. Small weddings can be covered in 100 photos, whereas larger ones may require more than 500. You’ll receive your edited and high-res pictures on a DVD. You’ll also have a link to a private online gallery, which you can share with your friends and family.

How does photo editting work?

We will jointly select the best out of all pictures taken and I will then edit this selection. I edit every single picture separately with great care and precision to preserve a natural look while achieving visual perfection.

How long will it take before we receive the pictures?

I’ll supply you with the first 3-5 photos on the day after the wedding so that you can share them with your friends on Facebook or Twitter for example. Within the following week or so, you’ll get access to he core online gallery (50-100 pictures). The remainder will be finlaized within 2-3 weeks.

Could we make a photobook or canvas prints from our wedding?

Sure, photobooks are an optional part of the wedding package. I tailor them to satisfy each client’s individual wish so no templates involved! You can choose from several sizes and paper types. Prints on other items like canvases, t-shirts, and mugs can also be agreed upon.

Do you also take pre-wedding and engagement shoots?

I’m more than happy too. Just drop me a line and we’ll figure out the best time and place.

Do you take picture alone or do you collaborate with an assitant?

I have only the best experience with collaboration as my assistant can help to assure the best coverage of all crucial moments. The resulting pictures provide more angles and capture more emotions and memorable details that would otherwise be lost. So I usually work with an assistant but I can do the job myself in case of smaller weddings.

What gear are you equipped with?

I use professional equipment by Nikon and Hensel.